Are you in search of tips on how to sober up from weed? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve compiled a few of the most effective ways to sober up after smoking.

Every pot smoker has encountered a situation where they need to sober up quickly. It’s important to note that every person is unique and there are many varieties and strains of marijuana, each with slightly different effects. So while one method may enable you to get rid of your marijuana high while smoking one variety, it may not necessarily work for another person or another variety of weed.

Generally speaking, any intense physical stimuli can serve to get rid of a cannabis high. Activities and exercise that serves to speed up blood flow and heart rate also serves to speed up the rate at which your body metabolizes the drug. These intense forms of physical stimuli can also enable you to focus your mind, bringing you out of the dreamy haze that usually arises after smoking weed.

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Drinking water and showering are both very effective methods that enable you to get rid of a cannabis high. Let’s explore each method.

How to Get Less High from Marijuana: Drinking Water

Drinking cold water is an effective method for sobering up after smoking weed. The cold temperature of the water serves to speed up your heart rate, while also sparking your metabolism into gear and flushing your system.

Many people also ”forget” to drink sufficient fluids while high, so this can help to reduce any after-effects that can arise as a result of dehydration.

Similarly, eating can also help you sober up in fairly short order (and it also satisfies ”the munchies” that often arise.)

How to Sober Up from Weed: Showering

Showering is a very effective technique for getting rid of a cannabis high. The colder the shower, the more alert you will become. Conversely, a hot shower tends to have more of a relaxing effect.

Taking a bath and even swimming can also have a sobering effect, but it’s important to take precautions when swimming or bathing as the risk of drowning is elevated after you’ve smoked. But the exercise of swimming can be especially effective.

Other methods to get rid of a cannabis high include sex and masturbation, exercise and walking, and even sniffing black peppercorn, which can be used to reduce paranoia.

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Obviously I was going to need some good herb to go with my brand new bong which Cindy (my girlfriend) was not too happy about to say the least! When I told her I was going to go buy some she got mad and this led her on to tell me how bad weed was and I said check your cannabis facts, Cindy. Because I know it is the best alternative to alcohol or any other drug for that matter. One day the world may understand that everything they are told is not always true.

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Should you buy a glass bong or a plastic bong?

Looking to buy your first bong? You might be wondering, are plastic bongs good? why are glass bongs better? Both materials have their advantages, but you aren’t here for an essay so I will list the positives and negatives of each material and link you to the places where you can find bongs for sale from HerbTools around.

You have an important choice to make here, this is going to change the next year or so of your life, fame or humiliation awaits, so you better read on and take in the following information!

Plastic Bong Positives:

  • Extremely durable. Hard to break (unless you get stoned and stand on it).
  • Wallet friendly. Plastic bongs are super cheap to buy, allowing them to fit the budget of every smoker.
  • Easy to clean. The stand at the bottom normally comes off, allowing for a nice easy clean.

Glass Bong Positives

  • Amazing taste. No material can compare to the hit that you get from percolator bongs for sale.
  • Dem curves. There are many popular glass blowers producing amazing designs.
  • Option to modify. Additional water chambers (precoolers) and percolators will change the way you smoke.

So you see, both of these bongs have their own positives, glass bongs are not exactly hard to clean but if you are clumsy you need to make sure you don’t knock it against a bathroom tile whilst cleaning or it will most likely smash. Now lets talk about the negatives and pick on the bong materials flaws.

Plastic Bong Negatives:

  • They never look as cool as a stylish glass bong and aren’t going to be impressing the stoner chicks.
  • Rarely are available with smoke filters such as percolators and precoolers.
  • Once the smell of stale smoke occurs it is really hard to get rid of it.

Glass Bong Negatives:

  • A devastating and heartbreaking smash is an everlasting danger.
  • Going to cost you a little more than plastic.
  • Tar build up is much more noticeable on transparent glass than colored plastic

What do I recommend?

Wondering whether to buy a plastic bong or a glass bong can be a difficult choice, maybe you should buy a cheap plastic one and a glass one! In an ideal world, perhaps you would, but most of us have a budget to stick to. So anyway, you are asking for my knowledgeable opinion, and oh boy, am I going to give it to you. Here it comes. Plastic bongs suck. I have tried them out and I am not a fan. The taste and feel of the smoke is a big deal for me and most other smokers, for this reason, all positives and negatives aside, I recommend that you get yourself a glass bong over plastic.

Want to hear about other methods of smoking such as the bong vs joint or pipe? Check back soon for a new comparison post. Pining to read more bong related information? Check out our other posts, some great information here for those who love to read!

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If you’re seeking ways to get rid of a cannabis high, look no further as we’ve developed a guide to a few methods that can be used to sober up after smoking weed.

The key to sobering up after smoking marijuana is two-fold: You must speed up your heart rate and circulation, which speeds the rate at which your body metabolizes the THC. The other key to getting rid of a cannabis high is to use an intense physical stimuli to improve your alertness and focus — similar to the way in which cold water on your face wakes you up and makes you alert. (In fact, showering is another very effective way to sober up after smoking marijuana.)

When researching methods to sober up after smoking weed, it’s important to remember that pot varieties vary, as do individuals when it comes to their experience while high. For this reason, there’s no universally effective method for sobering up after smoking. What works for some people may not work so effectively for another individual.

How to Get Less High from Marijuana: Eating

Eating is a great way to get rid of a cannabis high. In fact, it’s something that many individuals accidentally discover after satisfying the munchies. Eating works when it comes to sobering up because digestion speeds your metabolic processes, making you process the THC at a faster rate.

Similarly, drinking cold water is another great way to sober up after smoking. It’s also effective in combating dehydration, which can leave you feeling not-so-fabulous after smoking, as many ”forget” to drink while high.

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How to Sober Up from Weed: Sex/Masturbation

Sex and/or masturbation is another effective approach when it comes to sobering up. Like exercise, sex and masturbation speed up blood flow, heart rate and metabolic processes within the body.

Sex and masturbation also involve a powerful physical stimuli, which enhances one’s alertness and focus. This reduces the dreamy quality of your high.

Exercise or even just a long walk can also be very effective in helping you to get rid of your high. Like sex and masturbation, exercise and walking improves alertness and speeds the rate at which your body recovers from the high. Of course it’s important to ensure that you don’t lose track of your location as you walk, and when exercising, be sure to take extra precautions to ensure your safety. (E.g. if you’re not a strong swimmer, then perhaps swimming isn’t the best form of exercise while high.)

Other methods to get rid of a cannabis high include sniffing black peppercorn, which is favored by many as a method for reducing paranoia.

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